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Asbury Park
October 22, 2008, 1:15 am
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When I was young, one of my favorite places to go was Asbury Park.  The great shore smell, boardwalk, beach, old beautiful houses, it had it all.  Unfortuantely it became a victim of urban decay.  Recently, it has had something of an upsurge of development.  There’s hope for the old gal yet.  This video shows some well known Asbury Park sites and, if nothing else, has Bruce singing.


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I liked Bruce’s singing too and the video you picked is quite poignant. It looks like Asbury Park is on the ocean and had tourist things to do at one point – am I right? A short video can be meaningful.

Comment by malamud1

I definitely think there’s hope. We have some friends who live in Ocean Grove, so I’ve done some walking around Asbury Park. It seems like it is on its way to becoming a lively place once again, as well as very diverse. And we had tasty breakfast at… oh crumbs, what was it called? America’s Cup, maybe? It was a pretty day and so many people were sitting out on the patio. We even brought our dog.

Good work navigating YouTube!

– lisa

Comment by great8wpl

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