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Player To Be Named Later
October 25, 2008, 10:53 pm
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Well, we were successful and have adopted this charming fellow to the right.  He is a two year old mixed breed.  The shelter claims he’s a shih tzu mix; I’m sure there’s some shih tzu in there but I suspect a fair amount of Havanese as well.  He’s a gentle lad and has no interest in chasing Mao.  She remains atop the piano till this is proved.  We’re waffling on a name:  Oreo (too common?), so perhaps Hydrox, or maybe Dixie Cup.  Any ideas?


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What a cutie!!! Congratulations! I’d avoid “Oreo” only because it always makes me think of the racial slur. I think Dixie Cup’s a really cute name. What was his “original” name? Our Carly was called “Brownie,” which was not at all inspiring for us. So I understand the desire to redub!

– lisa

Comment by great8wpl

wow, how cute!!! congratulations, he looks like he’ll be a great addition to your household. Sorry to say that I have no name ideas – it took us about a month to come up with a name for the cat we got about 4 years ago, and I’m still not 100% happy with it.

Comment by lynny1

thanks for giving us the name update this morning – quite a coincidence with “bogart” and “dobbs” (as in Fred C. Dobbs, the thoroughly reprehensible character played by Bogart in Treasure of Sierra Madre).

Comment by lynny1

What a great face! Congrats on adopting your new dog. I’m looking forward to hearing all about him.

Comment by jannis

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