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Goggle-eyed from Google
December 19, 2008, 8:54 pm
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I don’t know why I procrastinated doing this write up.  I jumped right ingoogly-eyes to the project and I had great fun exploring Google.  I had used some of the special Google features in the past.   I’m addicted to real estate searches in warm climates and I usually hop between the MLS and maps to see how close to the ocean the houses really are situated!  For the purposes of this exercise I looked up the address of my childhood house.  I could not only explore the old neighborhhood remotely, but there was actually a picture of  the house.  (Somewhere along the line a foolish owner chopped down the mountain laurel.)  The day I chose the search news was the day Governor Blagojevich was arrested.  Needless to say there was a multitude of sites available.  I decided later to search  a less prominent event.  There was a small earthquake in SC near where my son is stationed.  The search led to two news videos and hundreds of print reports.  This was a very easy and specific search.  Product searching was entertaining, but there were too many commercial/item sale sites.  I much prefer our traditional library tools for product evaluations.  The book search similarly led to many book sale sites, but happily also included online versions.  I searched for Hilaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tales for Children and happily the University of Virginia’s copy has been digitized.  So when I have a late night yen for some of this delicious poetry I don’t have to wait till the library opens!  There are so many things to explore on Google.  I also recommend a trial of Google Scholar when you are looking for more “sophisticated” results.


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Thanks, Dinogal. I’ll have to try Google Scholar sometime. btw, what’s the photo in your posting?

Comment by lynny1

I found the picture on Google images (search googly eyes), but when I posted it to the Blog it did not come with its citation. To me the picture looks like two craft google eyes resting on a bed of Ramen noodles.

Comment by dinogal

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